"We define peaceful project completion
through W.A.R - Web Aligned Relationship"

VSM - The 24X7 Interactive Manager

The 24x7 Interactive VIRTUAL SMART MANAGER is a web aligned Customer Relationship Management System on our corporate, which facilitates a real relationship that we share in a virtual world with our clients right from the moment of registration.

What does 24x7 interactive manager do?

It's a multi-dimensional systematic and highly projective online Virtual Customer Support for our valued existing clients. It's a real project manager working 24 hours a day. Easy to access from any and every page of our website. With its interactive capabilities clients can check in the status of their project anytime and anywhere, right from the board room to the leisure room & the project managers can remotely monitor their project status as well.

Once you Submit your details onto our online Virtual Smart Manager's 'Virtual Customer Support' suite (Form 1;) you shall be registered as our prestigious client. you shall be authorized access to your own control panel on our website. You may log-in anytime by using the 'VSM-vcs User ID'& password' assigned to you, to avail the following functionalities (where applicable):

- Place new enquiry
- View Enquiry details
- View the Proposal/s
- View Milestones
- Monitor the progress of your project/s at regular intervals
- Edit your profile
- And some additional personalized functions.


The Front End being the Virtual Customer Support(VCS):

The Project Work Flow starts from here. An enquiry once generated is processed systematically at the back-end & presented to you in the form of a 'Response Letter'(Form 2B1) along with 'Concept Note' (Form 2B2), 'Milestones'(Form 2B3) & 'Work Order' (Form 2C). You have the facility to approve or alter the details. Once approved; starts the Execution of Project Work. Hereafter, supported by VCS you can enjoy the Online Prompt & Automated Service handling.

The BACK END consists of :

1. VAM (Virtual Admin Manager)
2. VPM (Virtual Project Monitoring)
3. VAP (Virtual Accounting Package)

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